Open Road 

Hey guys! 

So as you have probably seen, I have released my first single, 'Open Road'. I am so incredibly happy and thankful to be receiving the response that I have. 

I'd like to share with you a little bit about how this song came to fruition. 

Open Road is a song that I wrote in a small cabin in Tofino, BC. I took a trip to the island from my hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario to get a break from the daily grind and do some surfing. With a guitar, a surf board, and a tiny rental car that got me around those winding roads in the middle of January, I came out of the trip with the majority of my new album written. I met up with my friend Sam, and with all of the excitement towards new music, we planned a time for me to come back to the island and record. 

Once we were in the studio, Sam and I were able to play around with some really fun gear (Infinity Studios, Victoria). Open Road was one of those - one take, and it all just worked out - kind of songs. After our initial jam out, we just plugged into this broken space echo that was in the studio, and passed the guitar back and forth for a few takes. Some of the sounds were spooky, some were just straight up weird, but in the final mix the guitar tracks all came together to form a dreamy soundscape behind the song. I am so happy to be showcasing my new love for guitar playing, and to embellish with piano, an instrument I have been training on since I was four. 

All in all, Open Road is a great introduction to the music I will be sharing with the world in the near future. This just brushes on my influences from heavy hitters like Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett, and The War on Drugs. Believe it or not, my folk influences like Gillian Welch and americana influences like Brandi Carlile had a whole lot to do with the writing of this song.

I hope you enjoy!

- Em

Stories of Song 

I was browsing my music memory box, while tirelessly looking for content to add to my grant applications. A small drawing on a sticky note was in between two sheets of paper. It was something my friend drew two summers ago, to put into my guitar case for after I moved away. That little sticky note turned into a song that I will be adding to my album (that is being produced in a week!) and I was so happy to see that I still have it. 'Oh Darling' will always bring me back to the time I watched that beautiful sunset in the prairies two summers ago.
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Europe Week 5 

We´re sitting in a train station in Zaragoza, Spain, waiting for another connection to yet another city. Still eating baguettes from the weeks spent in France (I swear they eat ten a day there), we are trying to plan a tour on smartphones. We have seen the ups and downs of touring with backpacks, and in lieu of Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend, we figure it´s a great time to talk about what we are thankful for from this trip.

In the past 4 weeks of travelling through Europe, we have seen eight countries, countless cities, and some fantastic crowds. 

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Red Rock  

Live From The Rock Folk Festival is happening soon, and we are so excited to be performing alongside some amazing musicians.. 

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