Gorgeous piano and guitar mixed with a deep rich voice creating the perfect combination. Emily is a multi-instrumentalist whose voice gets in your head and sticks there.”

The Reviews Are In

Whether she finds herself humming to the forests of Northern Ontario, soothing the prairie winds of small-town Manitoba, or catching the somber rain of British Columbia, Emily Kohne sings to the life she has lived, and ties her music to the places she has been. As a wandering soul, Emily allows her listeners to travel with her down life’s open road. Emily’s single releases are travelling through her formative years in song and soulful expression. These songs are focusing in on the years of study and crafting her unique musical style. Deep rooted blues and jazz influences shine through the folk/pop sound that lends itself to Emily’s songwriting. Thematically, the songs explore the universal challenges we face with our transition into adulthood; love, loss, and letting it all go. She has graced the stages of Winnipeg Folk Festival, toured throughout Europe and Australia, and has opened for CBC favourites Kim Churchill and Terra Lightfoot. With a full-length album on the horizon, the singer/songwriter gives all that she has to offer; a wealth of talent and a maturity that resonates through her lyrical ability.

Emily Kohne is an expressive, versatile and true artist. I’ve never been part of a project where the song and performance has materialized in such a natural and musical way. I am proud of my small contribution to her single and record, and am excited for people to experience her creation.”

— Sam Weber, Producer

"The water, mountains, and trees ignite an undeniable creative flow for her music"”

Kat Lyzun